Mar 292021
Jim Ody

Mar 08, 2021 Jim Ody rated it 5*

Amalie is a wonderful tale that intertwines historic fiction with the edge-of-the-seat suspense of a contemporary thriller.
We follow the story of Amalie, from her childhood and the horror of Auschwitz in WWll to her growing up in England. A childhood trauma will shape and determine how a person acts, and Amalie only has revenge on her mind.
This book is original, opening your eyes to atrocities of history, whilst keeping you gripped and backing an unlikely hero. It’s touching in parts, and raw and gritty in others. But what makes this story so scary is the truth that it’s based on. As the years roll on, and new generations appear, books like this become incredibly important to make sure we never forget what people went through in order for us to live the lives we do today. Great stuff.


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