As we head into the soaring heat of August, I have got together with a selected awesome group of known and unknown authors to offer you guys an insight into their works. Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t so watch this space for some fabulous book deals, trailers, excerpts and more.
To start off my book marathon, I introduce to you: Janejira Damron
And this is what she has to say;

“My name is Janejira Damron. It’s pronounced (Jane-Gee-Raah) I am a Thai-American LGBTQ YA Author, comic artist, filmmaker, and traditional Thai dancer. Art and music are my life. I am a self-published author. My greatest work thus far is Picture Us. A teen romance novel that talks about depression. Properly representing depression in media is important to me because the way I see it; the media either preaches/talks down to the audience or completely misrepresents/romanticizes  mental illness entirely *cough cough* 13 reasons why.

Picture Us
Janejira Damron

I have been diagnosed with low-grade depression and ADD. Art and music are my main coping mechanisms. I like to express any form of intense emotions through comics and elaborate stories. I picked up drawing in the 4th grade after reading Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket. My parents provided me with a tablet and drawing programs. I went on to study graphic design in community college. There I was inspired to write Picture Us. After that I got my bachelor’s in film school and will pursue creating animated films alongside working on a sci-fi romance novel series titled The J. and S. Adventures.” 

You can get in touch with Janejira via her personal website here.

Tata for now, EJ