Legs, bums and tums

The saying goes “if you can ride a trials bike, you can ride any bike” so, I just picked up this little beauty. Welcome ‘Lady Gaga’ yes, I gender assign all my vehicles. You look after them and they will look after you.

Forget Ten reasons not to date a female motorcyclist, here are ten reasons to date one.

  1. We travel light. All a female rider needs will fit right into a rucksack.
  2. We’re a cheap date. Romance doesn’t die with frugality, in fact it begins. Forget wining and dining, we’re good with a bag of greasy chips sitting atop a mountain we just rode up looking at the view.
  3. We’re tough cookies. It’s a scientific fact that if you ride a motorcycle, especially an off road one, that you are going to fall off. I’ve been there, done that and I’m not going to boo-hoo, not if, but when it happens again.
  4. Crazy ex-girlfriends are afraid of us. If your bat-shit crazy ex sees you holding hands with a girl whose other hand is holding a helmet, then all she is going to think is “BIKER CHICK”. You could be escorting her to her pink Vespa for all the ex knows! In feminine hierarchy, us twisted biker chick bad-asses are right up there with Lara Croft and Jean-Claude what’s his name?
  5. We’re into leather. Need I say more?
  6. We love something fast and throbbing between our legs.
  7. We always have sexy come hither ‘bedhead’ from our helmets.
  8. We’re automatically sexy according to men. As my partner says “a chick in leather riding a motorcycle is always sexy.” Although all male overactive imaginations assume biker chicks are tattooed pole dancers, we’re not!
  9. We won’t block your big bike dreams. Have you always had the reins pulled back when you are salivating over that ’Italian Stallion Sportbike? You certainly won’t get that from any biker chick, in fact, you never know we might just buy it for you!
  10. Mother in-laws love us! You Won’t Have to Worry about Disapproval from Your Mother. Mother’s actually do like biker women when it comes to their sons. They know that we might get a little wild at times, though they also know that in nature, biker chicks are strong and no matter what, we will always have your back.

For all my female avid readers on this topic – if you have ever fancied trying something different and you have the land. Get yourself a bike. It’s a wonderful accomplishment to tame the beast.

All the best and good luck, EJ

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