Mar 292020

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Comes a historical fiction short story with an important message for us all

The holocaust, a historically unprecedented assault against an entire ethnic group: the Jews of Europe. For the next 20 years after the war at least until the late 1960s and early ‘70s there was little, if any discussion about what happened to the Jews. It was a silence that many survivors suffered whom remained mute from shock.

“Just because I survived doesn’t mean I could live”

In the late 1960s, just before his retirement, Inspector Timothy Davies interviews Mauthausen survivor Henri Rus from the confines of his cell. He was given the task of taking a firsthand account of Henri’s experience and the atrocities that incurred during World War Two at the slave labour camp.

Little did Inspector Davies know that two months later he would be pulled out retirement to investigate Henri’s death. For Davies, it would send him on an investigation that would teach the world a very important lesson.

So begins an unforgettable message and human story of the Holocaust.


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‘Extraordinary – moving, confronting and saddening . . . Definitely worth reading’’ Clifford Jones

‘A moving attempt to acknowledge the unspeakable’ Don McIntosh

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