These unprecedented times

It’s a strange time to be writing a novel; I feel my characters should be socially distancing and wearing masks but instead, they’re mingling and behaving like nothing has changed. Words on paper are coming few and far between because whilst the distraction of this pandemic takes a hold, we’re all concentrating on surviving and ensuring our businesses do not suffer. That, with a revolution that has long been coming. So, with all that is going on it’s difficult to concentrate.However, all that being said, I have been trying. I’ve just finished a historical fiction novel (I cannot say anymore as it is doing its rounds searching for a hopeful agent) and I’m currently writing or trying to write a new thriller; something a little different than all the sex crazed characters I wrote in Beyond the Pale!So as an apology for keeping you all waiting on my next story, I thought I’d share The Forgotten Man (a short story) with you as I’m not quite sure when my next piece will be published, that I’m afraid is just something I don’t know.