Sep 232020
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I hadn’t initially intended for The Forgotten Man to ever grace the cream pages of a real paperback but low and behold here we are; 57 pages of them. Whilst a kindle book reader can hold hundreds and even thousands of books in one hand through a kindle and it weighs less than one regular paperback there is nothing quite like flicking through the pages and stuffing one’s nose into a freshly printed book. I personally grew up with what’s now classed as ‘old fashioned books’, I don’t even have a kindle and it’s probably an argument that will never end that’s dependent on your generation. So if you’re like me and you just have to lick, smell and touch that physical book then you can now pick up your copy for just £3.50

Sep 152020
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Inspector Timothy Davies is the fictional character and the male protagonist from the short story The Forgotten Man. He has recently retired and is enjoying the new chapter in his life with his long term friend Harley, his English Bulldog. Timothy is unmarried and lives alone in his country home that he restored in the United Kingdom. His unique insight and 30 years on the force has enabled Timothy to live by a simple philosophy, “do it right or not at all” and never settles for a “case closed” simple answer. He is known as being compassionate and a great listener.