RELEASED – Beyond the Pale

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May 312018

Yes that’s right! Beyond the Pale is online and ready to download in kindle and paperwork form. I just received my first paperback from Amazon and I am thrilled at the outcome. It is all a learning curve for me so bear with me on this new adventure!

Oh, and I’d love for you to send me your photos.
You can private message me via the official instagram page

All the best for now and don’t forget, enjoy!


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May 072018

NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD: E-Book erotic fantasy short stories perfect for a giggle. Written as an a quick pen to paper

as an escape to starting a new business, Red Death is perfect for a light read.

  1. The Red Death diaries are a series of short erotic stories told from the perspective of Ileana Wolfe. The first edition The Masque of Red Death portrays Ileana’s first experience when she receives an invite to an exclusive Masquerade party. Not all meets the eye when she discovers the truth behind the exemplary guests and why she had been invited. Can she keep her provocative imagination to herself or will someone take advantage and lead her into a world where hope is a dangerous and often at times lethal expectation? Ileana learns that “pleasure and pain although opposite are contrived to be constant companions” Pierre Charron
  2. The Map of Problématique is the second installment of the Red Death Diaries proceeding The Masque of Red Death. Ileana Wolfe re-visits the Masquerade ball for the elitists drawn by its mysterious and provocative allure but will her imagination be kept at bay unlike her last visit and will the guests be able to cater to her bizarre desires that she has discovered about herself having an insatiable appetite for slightly kinky sex. When Caitlin, Ileana’s best friend and house mate joins her to the Masquerade Ileana´s fantasies unveil, but is Caitlin really up for the challenge?
  3. The Principles of Lust is the third part of the Red Death Diaries – Ileana Wolfe stays home to deal with the perverted landlord and discovers more about the Principles of Lust than she ever envisioned. Can she keep her imagination in check or has the Landlord managed to show her a thing or two? Ileana learns that self confidence starts at home.