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THE FANTASISER – an erotic fantasy short story

“Today we are going to discover all about your vagina.” The Fantasiser

The Fantasiser – well what can I say? It’s a fantasy. Nothing is real. If you are squeamish or prudish, maybe this just isn’t for you. Perverts galore where anything goes.

Warning: Explicit content

When Ileana Wolf agreed to attend an exclusive masquerade party with her friend, she never imagined it would turn into her wildest dreams.

Not all meets the eye when she discovers the truth about the exemplary guests and why she had been invited. Can she keep her provocative imagination to herself or will someone take advantage? “Most of the guests here are psychotic gang bangers anyway!” ― E.J. Wood, The Fantasiser

Ileana cannot resist the temptation of the masquerade ball, and when she receives a second invite she is drawn by its mysterious allure. Will her imagination be kept at bay and will the guests be able to cater to her bizarre request; an insatiable appetite for slightly kinky sex? When Caitlin; Ileana’s best friend and house mate joins her at the party, Ileana’s fantasies unveil, but is Caitlin really up to the challenge?

When their perverted landlord starts asking questions, can Ileana keep her imagination in check or does he have to show her a thing or two? Ileana learns that self confidence starts at home. “I was having my own game of tug of war with my cyclops at least once a night.” E.J. Wood, The Fantasiser

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The price of a memory

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Apr 042019

Hi! You all blow me away with your support. I still cannot express how delighted I am that my novel Beyond the Pale is out there. My new book, Silence is Golden hopefully be will ready in the not too distant future, but I don’t have a release date for you yet.

Silence is Golden is a contemporary romantic thriller set in Washington, D.C and is the sequel to Beyond the Pale. My two protagonists are a big part of my life now so I hope it sweeps you away with their fascinating tales just as I am writing about them.

Both Beyond the Pale and Silence is Golden has so much emotion. “The price of a memory, is the memory of the sorrow it brings.”

― Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four

I also love this quote by the King himself, “A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.” ― Stephen King

Now, I bet you’re wondering where my short erotic fantasy story fits in?

I have had the wonderful opportunity in life to travel and experience a few different cultures. Although British by birth, I’ve spent the majority of my life in Spain surrounded by Germans, French, Dutch and many other nationalities. I’m a little bit of a Heinz 57, I hope you can read that I’m quite open minded.  I wrote this a few years ago because as the tagline states “nothing is real.”

“Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.”

The Fantasiser is 99p and available at your favourite Amazon store.