Spain, one of Europe’s most desired holiday destinations. But for Abbie, it’s been a Spain in the butt. Sure the people are friendly, well most of them, and the sun shines, the towns are clean and tidy. What’s not to love about Spain?

Abbie had been living in Spain for over fifteen years when she met Mark, a charismatic, talented artist, apparent Phil Vickery lookalike and an all round arsewipe. Now, thirteen years on, and wanting to slow down their hectic lifestyle, they decide to sell their successful business on the Spanish coast and move to the countryside.

Faced with unrelenting insects, savage heat waves and ruthless farmers, she shares the good, the bad and the ugly, and learns that life in the country is very different than the coast, that her idea of her dream home might be months without electric, mains water, chicken grabbing eagles and the old Spanish family who refuse to leave.

Is Mark in it for the long haul? Can he overcome the hardships and pitfalls of moving and starting all over again? He’s done it once, what could go wrong?

This is a light-hearted book that is not intended to send you running back home. But life is a challenge, no matter where you live, and if you don’t speak the lingo you had better hope the sun keeps shining.

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