Standalone Novels


When Forensic Pathologist Amelia Sharpe moves to Washington, D.C. she introduces herself to the successful enigmatic man that moves in next door, Guy Davidson.

But, terrors from her past resurface and she finds herself seeking answers. Tormented by her inner demons and Guy’s need to control, their lives take an unexpected turn posing challenges neither of them anticipate.

Amelia lands herself in grave danger when a step too far is taken by a colleague at work, and Guy takes the law into his own hands. Just when Amelia feels that she really does have it all, both Guy and Amelia find out just how far they are willing to go to in the name of love.

Can Amelia make her crucial breakthrough before it’s too late?

“Wildly stylish and terrifically entertaining. It ticks all the psychosexual boxes.” Marcus Ronchetti