Hi guys,

As many of you are aware I own a menagerie of animals and the most recent addition was an eleven day old pigeon we found around 19.00 under a tree. As mum was with it, we figured he had fallen from the nest but a few hours later he was alone. We scooped him up into our laps and took him under our wing to be cared for back at Mustang Sally Garage headquarters – soon to be subtitled “Mustang Sally Garage and animal sanctuary” if we continue taking in stray animals!

Unfortunately like most animals that seem to find their way into our lives, this little one had a “virus” and has worsened with time. As with any virus, they are in-curable and only the animal’s immune system can help it recover. It has been to the vet, had antibiotics to prevent secondary infection so we are just keeping it entertained, cleaning its wounds and letting the virus take its course. Wish us luck! He/she is about 35 days old now.


If any of you guys have experience with Pigeon pox drop me a line!

Ta ta for now, E